Excuse me, but do you validate? (Book Excerpt)


I grew up a shy kid in a small town – I had my circle of friends I was comfortable with, but around anybody else I was usually pretty quiet.

When I joined the Air Force I got pushed out of my comfort zone – way out. In the service you get thrown into a new environment with a bunch of guys from all over the country and are told to just work it out. So you do. This leads to all sorts of firsts – I even found myself volunteering for things I never would have tried back home.

One day a guy in my unit told me they were looking for a new squadron narrator (I had been recruited into the Air Force Honor Guard – we did big ceremonies in and around Washington DC) and he suggested I try out for the job. So I did. Continue reading →


Online Relationshipping (Book Excerpt)

It’s been about 15 years since women created online relationship sites.

At first they grew slowly in popularity because there was a bit of a stigma attached to them – after all, who wanted to admit they had so much trouble finding a relationship they had to go looking for one on the internet? But now it seems everyone is using them. Though it strikes a guy like you as a little backwards that relationships come before dating, you figure who are you to argue with how things are done? Besides, you tell yourself, it’s worth going through the relationship part if it gets you to what you want, the dating part. Continue reading →

I’m a Really Good Dad

I like to think of myself as a good dad.

I try to do the right things when it comes to my two sons. I try to protect them where needed, and let them learn the hard lessons first hand when possible. I give them good advice – or as good as I can come up with on the spot – and try to be there when they need a helping hand, or maybe just a sympathetic ear.

I am now actually a pretty good father, but I have to admit that it took me a while to get here – 19 and 21 years to be exact. Those are the ages of my boys, and when those numbers were smaller I, well, wasn’t quite the skilled parent I am now. In fact there was a time when I wasn’t too smooth at this gig at all. Continue reading →