What Gives me the Write?


I never did all that well in school.

I wasn’t a big fan of multiplication tables. Turning work in on time was never my strong suit. Being inside a classroom for most of the best hours of a day was not the stuff my dreams were made of.

But there was one part of school I did like – and that was writing… Continue reading →


A Chapter of My Life


It’s May, 2011 – and for the last 10 years I’ve been using the dating sites pretty regularly, and to varying degrees of success. At this moment in time, dating seems to be the only part of my life that’s going well. Despite the ups and downs of it, and the frustrations it can cause, it’s also mostly just plain fun. The truth is I adore women, and the dating sites are a great way to meet them.

The part of my life that is not going well right now is work – you see my boss just called me to tell me the company is letting me go. “Letting me go? Letting me go where?”  I asked him, though I knew exactly what he meant. Continue reading →

I hate my girlfriend’s dog


I hate my girlfriend’s dog.

I’m a guy – you could even say a guy’s guy. I’m not exactly clear on the origin of that saying, but I’m pretty sure it means that I’m a little scruffy and rough around the edges and it in no way implies that I am a guy who belongs to another guy – not that there’s anything wrong with that – it’s just that, oh wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, I hate my girlfriend’s dog.

It’s this super ugly little chihuahua with huge googly bug eyes and crooked snaggly teeth, some of which fly out when it sneezes.

Well, hate’s a pretty strong word… maybe I just deeply dislike her. Wait, that’s not right either, I mean she is kinda sweet and all. She likes to crawl up beside me when I’m on the couch and curl up. And it is sorta cute when she does that. I mean cute for a dog, I guess. It wouldn’t be so cute for a cat ‘cause cats do that all the time – but a dog? Dogs are too big to do that – except for this little chihuahua, which is why I guess it’s so cute.

You know she actually is kind of a cool little dog and all. I wouldn’t be so into a cat curling up beside me.

‘Cause I hate cats…

Social Media is Make Believe…

make believe

I think Social Media is about 90% make believe.

Facebook pages and Pinterest pages and dating site profiles are fun to read, and read them we do, over and over and over – but how often are they true? I mean really, fully true?

They certainly don’t have to be true, do they? I mean it doesn’t really say in the rules anywhere that you can’t write your own interpretation of the events, thoughts, etc. that you’re posting, right?

So if it’s all mostly make believe and, as such, fiction – is that a bad thing? Continue reading →

I don’t love basketball


I love my Mom.

Anyone who knows me is aware that’s not earth-shattering news. She’s a great woman – with a big heart, who worries about all who are important to her. She’s loved or liked by probably everyone who knows her. She’s kind to strangers and always looks out for the underdog.  She’s a wonderful woman whom I find very easy to love.

But that was not always the case… Continue reading →

Rick Blackhart is Old

Me and Finn on a longboard


I’m a skateboarder – and I’m almost 50.

Those two things don’t really seem to go together, do they? If I said “skateboarder” to you, you’d probably get an image in your head of a kid pushing his board down the road on his way to school. Which is funny because that’s exactly how I started – riding my Makaha Skateboard down Alkire Avenue on the way to my sixth grade classroom at St. Catherine’s.

I got that board for Christmas pretty much because I begged for it. That was in 1976 when skateboards were just coming on the scene in my home town of Morgan Hill. They’d been around for a while out closer to the beach – in places like Santa Cruz the surfers would use them to keep in practice because the skill sets were similar. But being 45 minutes inland meant not many surfers, and so, not many skateboards. Continue reading →



I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, but in my life everything seems to remind me of something.

Is it because I’m 48 — and as such have 48 years’ worth of prior experiences to compare all my new experiences to? Maybe — I really don’t know. All I do know is that nowadays, just about everything I see or do reminds me of something else I’ve seen or done.

Take the other day for example: I was sitting down reading this newspaper when I had the strong memory of another day when I was sitting down and reading a newspaper — but on that day it wasn’t The Herald, it was the Vacaville Reporter. That memory of reading the Reporter has to be at least 10 years old, because I moved away from Vacaville in 2002. Continue reading →