A little about me…

Hi, I’m John.

I wrote the book Romeo’s Dilemma

It’s the best online dating advice that you don’t hear anywhere else – and it’s also the story of why I’ll never have to date online again.

I’m an advice columnist for a San Francisco area newspaper, who spent a year writing about how women can better understand the way men approach Online Dating – and relationships in general – and how to use that knowledge to make their own online experience better.

My book is the story of my endeavor to explain why the dating sites can be so frustrating – and how to minimize those frustrations. And while the original intent of my column may have been to educate women about men, it ends up working just as well in reverse, as men find out what women are really looking for in a guy – and how to be That Guy.

The advice columns I’ve collected in my book are interwoven with the story of a year in my personal life – a year in which I dated, and played around, and then fell deeply in love.
In my journey of discovery I found that successful online dating has as much to do with how we go about it as it does with who we are – and to underscore the point I found that when I changed how I dated it also changed who I dated – a discovery that led me to love.

To take a peek go here: Romeo’s Dilemma

8 thoughts on “A little about me…

  1. lorestene says:

    how can you follow via mail? did i miss the button?

    • itoccurs2me says:

      Go to your ‘Reader’ page on WordPress and under ‘Blogs I follow’ edit the list (you can choose to be alerted via email when I’ve posted something new).

      Thank you Lorestene,


  2. Sabatino says:

    Thanks for following A Hot Cup of Love! I’m a big fan!

  3. misscapades says:

    It’s so nice to kinda see a male perspective of something I blog about too! Yay! 😀
    Thank you!

  4. lovelee90 says:

    Hey, Thanks for following my blog! Just reading the title of your book made me laugh so I’m certainly interested to read what else you have to say haha!

  5. Thanks for following my blog. I’ve been following you a bit from afar, fascinated by the whole subject of your book. I told my sister about it this weekend and she’ll be checking it out. Thanks again for stopping by. Do you still have the advice column?

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