I don’t like Dick Smothers or Mitt Romney


I’m dating myself here, but does anyone remember the Smothers Brothers?

Tom and Dick Smothers had a comedy show on CBS in the late sixties, and while that was slightly ahead of my time (I was four) I became aware of them later in my childhood. They were pretty funny guys – and a bit edgy too. I know these things because I’ve seen reruns of their show I guess. Or maybe it was commercials for those Time-Life DVDs that used to be all over TV. You know the ones, with the hour long infomercials where they’d show you “The Soundtrack of the 60’s” or “The Ed Sullivan Show” and you could buy them for a limited time at this special price! Continue reading →


Reality Check


The first house I ever bought seemed so big to me.

But it was just a little three bed two bath ranch style of about 1300 square feet – what you’d call a starter home. The new tract it was part of was full of them, so I guess you could say it was a starter neighborhood. Continue reading →

American Renaissance

It’s September, 2024 and the political conventions have just started up again.

I say conventions like there are more than one that matters – technically there are actually two, though it’s been a while since I’ve talked to anybody who admits watching the other one (for anything more than entertainment value). When I say the “other one” I’m of course referring to the Demican Convention.

The Demican Party has slipped so far in recent years that they rate somewhere between watching old reality show reruns and stubbing your toe. I think it’s funny that we now count them as one party when everyone knows they’re still kind of two parties – two parties that had to become bedfellows because individually they were growing irrelevant. Continue reading →