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Somebody asked me recently how it is that I can recall, in detail, the events from my life that I write about.

It struck me as an interesting question because I can’t imagine not being able to recall them – I swear it feels like some of them happened just a few days ago.

I don’t know why that is, or how I’m different from others, or whether I’m really that different at all – but stories from my past play out on what seems like a screen in my mind. I can see all the players, and I can see all the events. I can even sometimes look closely and see stuff I missed before.

Is it like that for you? Continue reading

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Facebook made me a Liar


I’m going to unfriend you.

I’m sorry, and I don’t mean anything by it, but, well, you’re not really my friend.

The truth is I don’t actually know you. Not only have I not met you but I’ve never even spoken with you on the phone.  And I’ve certainly never been over to your place – in fact I’m not exactly sure what state – or country – your place is in, specifically.

So how did you and I get here? Things had been going so well hadn’t they? When you sent me that friend request about six months back I thought “Sure, what the hey?” I have no idea who this person is, or how they found me, or why they want to be associated with me, or if they live in a prison, or if they’re actually my crazy ex-girlfriend posing as somebody else again, but why not add them as a “friend”? Continue reading

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Social Media is Make Believe…

make believe

I think Social Media is about 90% make believe.

Facebook pages and Pinterest pages and dating site profiles are fun to read, and read them we do, over and over and over – but how often are they true? I mean really, fully true?

They certainly don’t have to be true, do they? I mean it doesn’t really say in the rules anywhere that you can’t write your own interpretation of the events, thoughts, etc. that you’re posting, right?

So if it’s all mostly make believe and, as such, fiction – is that a bad thing? Continue reading

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