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Napa Whines

Napa, California has more sirens than any city I’ve ever lived in.

And that includes some pretty big cities – like Washington DC and San Diego and San Jose. And while that statement might not be the truest thing I’ve said today it feels right to say it. Kind of like when you’re mad and you make huge, sweeping generalities because, well, because you’re mad. Continue reading

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Paper and Pen




I write right?

Sure I do, but why? I mean why write when I could just talk, or run, or a myriad of other activities that do not tie me to paper and pen.

Some people never write. They have no interest in it. But me, I have to write – even when I have no interest in it. I’ve got this funny brain that, well, seems to have rubber walls – stuff keeps bouncing around inside those walls until I open a door and let it out. Continue reading

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Renaldo Nehemia is not Denzel Washington

I was at the movie theater the other night to see the new release “Prometheus” – it’s an “Alien” prequel that I’d been looking forward to seeing – and while watching the trailers before the feature film, they showed one for a new picture called “Flight”.

In the trailer – which actually looked pretty good – I saw an actor on screen I’d seen many times before. In fact to call him just a lead actor doesn’t do him justice as he’s a major personality and a huge draw that I’ve seen in many, many movies. And I knew I knew his name.

I just couldn’t remember it. Continue reading

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