Do Mass Murderers Play Sports?


Do you play a sport?

I play soccer, and last night, on the way home from my game, I called my sister. When I called she was, coincidently, in the middle of viewing a soccer game on TV. She said she was watching the San Jose Earthquakes and was fascinated with the game because one of the Earthquake’s players was a kid she used to teach in school.

Now there was a time when I would have talked about the Earthquakes with her all night long – but that time was 1978. Back then I was a kid who not only played soccer, but watched other people play it too. I was so taken with the sport I filled my life with it. I’d research the best cleats to wear, and the best soccer balls to use – and that was before Google, when we used to have to go to a place called a “library” and look through things called “books” in order to find answers to our questions. Continue reading →


What do Love and Baseball have in Common? I mean besides third base…


(Here’s one I wrote a few years back…)

I hate baseball.

I know those are strong words, but it took me a long time to get here. You know, the truth probably is I don’t really hate baseball – hate is such a hard word. So how about this: I dislike baseball.

A little background: When I was a kid growing up in my little town I played a lot of baseball.  I played it at school and I played it in the neighborhood. And sometimes, I even watched it on television.

But it was not my favorite sport – I preferred football and soccer. To me there just wasn’t enough going on in a baseball game. It seemed liked long stretches of boredom, punctuated with the occasional spurt of excitement – kind of like a fire station. You stood around waiting for something to happen, and then when it did you hoped you were part of the action. Continue reading →